Today my all time favourite artist died. Six weeks ago I got to watch him swagger onto the stage, back lit and triumphant, his presence filling the room until the air was viscous with awe and aura. This was his first and last time in New Zealand. In between improvised major chords, he promised that he … Continue reading Prince

Don’t ban pitbulls, ban stupid think pieces about banning pitbulls

Duncan Garner just wrote a think piece called “I hate pitbulls – ban them”. This is a terrible idea, and here’s why: “Pitbulls” aren’t a breed. American Pitbull Terriers are a breed, and they’re already legislated against in New Zealand. You can’t import or breed them, and they need to be registered as ‘menacing’ and … Continue reading Don’t ban pitbulls, ban stupid think pieces about banning pitbulls

Canon Media Awards

Today the Canon Media Awards announced their finalists for 2016. The Canon Media Awards are: …the New Zealand publishing industry’s premier awards, held annually to encourage, showcase and acknowledge the best of New Zealand’s newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as the work of feature writers, columnists, cartoonists, reviewers and photographers. So, because I’m a high-functioning … Continue reading Canon Media Awards


Having a platform is a privilege, and Richie Hardcore has a platform. He’s a DJ for bFM, a motivational speaker, a personal trainer and a writer. He seems to do some really good stuff around mental health, addiction and the prevention of gendered violence. Hardcore is also part of the #mybodymyterms campaign, which states in their about section: … Continue reading Hardcore