Bodies, food and fitness in the workplace

11 thoughts on “Bodies, food and fitness in the workplace”

  1. You are over thinking things, most people don’t have a complicated ‘relationship’ with their bodies.

    “If, however, deep down you’re like most of us and you’re tired and bruised and grieving from a lifetime of hatred…”

    That’s a bit melodramatic and definitely doesn’t apply to “most of us”.

    People need to be making more effort to clean up their diets and get plenty of exercise. If they feel guilty about not doing this, that is a good thing.

      1. “You could even try saying “man, diet talk is a bit boring!” next time it comes up. Because it is.”

        Personally I don’t find diet talk very interesting, probably because I have some self control around food so its not an issue.

        And yet I don’t feel compelled to demand the rest of the human population police itself and shut down any conversation that I might personally find boring.

        So why do you think you are entitled to do that, Molly?

  2. Yet you feel compelled to police people’s diet, exercise levels, guilt levels and feel entitled to speak for “most people” because you know how they feel. It’s no bad thing to consider how your words might affect other people or to make suggestions on how to be more positive. Your post is so hostile, which is unnecessary surely?

  3. God bless your little soul, Glen. It is so lovely to see that all men (since you are talking for all men and all women, apparently) are unfettered about food, diet and their looks. But maybe you are not the intended audience? Ever thought about that?

  4. I don’t think Glen gets it…

    Great article. I hear talk like this all the time in the workplace and many women especially have a complicated relationship with their bodies (and food).

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am tired, bruised, and grieving from a lifetime of criticism, hatred, horrible weight loss diets, and destructive weight loss medications. I’m a senior person now and it’s too late for me to “fix” my feelings about that. I’m a vegan and happy with that and will not “diet” again. In the meantime, I’m trying to deal with the vitriol I’ve been handed in my life and not let it influence the life I have left.

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