“I don’t like kids”

One thought on ““I don’t like kids””

  1. Hi doll, I’m glad I’m following you in feedly now, it means I keep up to date with your most excellent writing.

    I have kids. My kids are pretty much perfect, and everyone else thinks so too (no really, they do). But sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), kids are hard work. So me personally, I don’t mind if other people don’t like kids. I don’t even mind if they state their opinion out loud.

    But the thing is, I wont be changing where I go, where I take my kids or how I parent them. My kids have every right to be in public spaces. I’m that person who takes my baby and kids to DOC cabins (which are communal) for overnight stays. And when people visibly quake because they think the baby might wake at night, I cheerfully tell them that my husband’s adult snoring* will be WAY worse than the baby, so suck it up.

    So I don’t mind if other people don’t like kids, I don’t mind if they say so out loud – and I also don’t feel guilty, embarrassed, awkward, uncomfortable for bringing my kids out. People can have their opinions – just so long as they realise I don’t care and I’m not changing. It’s a happy compromise.

    (*ok, by husband, I mean me)

    (I hope we can disagree – because I think your writing is great!)

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