The clothes calling card campaign

Yet another discussion about how hard it is for plus sized people to find stores who will let them spend their hard earned money has kicked off on twitter.

This a pretty common complaint among mostly size 16+ women, who love fashion and have few places to indulge this. I am also in this category, in one of the more awkward ways, where sometimes I am too big for ‘mainstream’ stores, and too small for ‘plus sized’ stores.

I also know people (again, mostly women) who are too small for ‘mainstream’ stores and sometimes resort to shopping in children’s clothing sections, which can be really humiliating. Shoes are another area where some struggle to find places that will take their money. Basically, the mainstream excludes a bunch of people.

So a clever friend of mine pointed out that she would love to leave a calling card at stores, to let them know just how much money they’ve lost out on by not stocking her size. So an amazing woman with design skills immediately offered!


The idea is the more stores get the hint that they’re missing out on a big pool of customers by stopping their sizing only covering a small run, some things may change. It’s also an empowering thing for a person who’s used to feeling excluded by these stores, to have the option of doing. Someone even suggested she could fill this out while waiting for her friends to try on clothes that fit them, but not her.

It’s scary to rock up to a sales person and hand this over to them, so here’s another option to leave in the store and raise awareness among other customers too.


I’m gonna get heaps of these printed and send them to Wellington shoppers who are keen to start this campaign.

The cards are available for free download, and you can find more information, at

Hopefully these little cards will get people talking.

2 thoughts on “The clothes calling card campaign

  1. That’s fucking awesome. I generally have to resort to buying clothes online and I’m getting pretty over it, despite the fave that it’s often far, far cheaper than buying from a local retailer.

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