Why I left The Daily Blog

8 thoughts on “Why I left The Daily Blog”

  1. Fantastic that you have your own place Coley. You are a voice that can easily inhabit an entire blog of your own.

    & Great post.

    Bomber is Bomber and Trotter is Trotter and neither are particularly fast evolving creatures. Both are prone to being enormously impressed with their own opinions – which doesn’t have to be a problem – but often becomes one when the rhetoric of others cuts too close to the bone.

    Kia Kaha

  2. Snap, with the Bomber connection.

    I remember being a young teen in the early 2000s listen to “late night talk lounge” on a Sunday night with Bomber. It pretty much introduced me to the political world and left wing ideas. I remember the shock on mum’s face when her 13 year old son demanded to know if tonight’s lasagne was GE free!

    Sadly now he doesn’t really have the empathy and charm that he once did. He’s sort of moved from being a passionate older young person, to an ranting middle-aged weirdo.

  3. Bomber and Trotter do a lot of effective writing on class politics. They should leave identity politics, as I do, to those who have kept up with the play.

    I also agree it should be axiomatic that; involving politicians, or anyone’s, families, outing identities of those who are anonymous for good reasons, and bringing up other peoples sexuality or sex lives should not be part of any principled blog, or newspaper.

    I thought the publication of pictures of Key’s daughter, both on the blog and the internet were a disgusting piece of appeal to prurient interest.

    Bomber and Trotter too often join the RWNJ’s in pitting the generations, identity groups, and others against each other instead of concentrating on the takeover of our society by the greedy rich, which they can do rather well when inclined.

  4. I kinda stopped reading the daily blog – Hell trotter even when so far as attack me in a whole blog because I’m an anarchist. We anarchist encourage identity politics, indeed we encourage all and any approaches towards liberty. I want to thank QoT for the redirect here – I enjoyed reading your posts and will again.

  5. “The sad thing is, I used to adore Bomber. I would sit up every Sunday night and listen to him on Channel Z with earplugs connected to my radio so my mum wouldn’t tell me off for being up late.

    He was the only person that teenage me had heard getting angry about things that mattered. He is pretty much directly responsible for me being an activist.”

    This. Several thousand times this. (along with huge endorsement for his weeknight show. I’m pretty sure Bradbury is directly responsible for 9-year-old me being aware of the word “stoner” as a result)

    I remember writing him a letter the first time he decided I’d been a little *too* pro-NZF in my comments somewhere so’d severed my ability to continue to counterbalance – I closed it something like “Yours, a former listener”. It was a moment that really caused a stop, a think, and an “is it me that’s changed in the intervening 14 years … or is it him” moment.

    In a way, you’re sort-of lucky that he perceives you and your party to be somewhat useful to his vision-thingy most of the time – even if he’s only now working out that a burgeoning and well-co-ordinated social media presence means he’ll be pin-cushioned wherever he too overtly speaks his mind about the Green Party. It’s much nicer than waking up one morning and finding he’s decided John Tamihere is going to be annointed Deputy Leader of NZ First because he thinks it makes good strategic sense.

    But wear the whole “Emerald Stormtrooper” thing with pride. He’s yet to give bestow on us such an awesome eponym.

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