Bodies, food and fitness in the workplace

We all live in a culture where we’re made to feel guilty about food and exercise. Certain kinds of food are “bad”, “guilty pleasures” or “junk”. There’s little to no rhetoric about having a varied diet and how any food is “bad” if it’s all you eat. Instead we’re bombarded with juice cleanses and unsustainable “clean” diets that … Continue reading Bodies, food and fitness in the workplace

How to talk to women

There are entire books, forums and motivational speaking circuits dedicated to methods guys can use to allegedly get women to fuck them. It’s boring. It’s regressive. It’s harmful. I’ve written about it ad nauseam. Learning about that community made me feel equal parts angry and sad. The anger is obvious (misogyny sucks) but the sadness … Continue reading How to talk to women

A fat bird

Tonight at our local pub named One Fat Bird, my seven year old stepson looks over the kids menu titled “Little birds”. “You’re a little bird!” I laugh. He laughs back. “You’re a fat bird!” Immediately his smile disappears, uncomfortable with regret. “- But you’re not fat, mama.” He says so softly, apologetically, the look of horror which he’s barely … Continue reading A fat bird